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Mediating Uncertainties is an artistic research project conducted by Sara Eliassen, reflecting upon the crucial role contemporary images and screen materials play in naturalizing processes of dominant ideologies, in order to ask what modes of aesthetic resistance could, in turn, be mobilized today. The project investigates how image and screen materials can be used to question and counter dominant versions of recent histories and produced facts, with the explicit aim of contesting collective memory production.

Considering the incessant repetition of dominant narratives and imagery that combine to form our pasts, for then to predetermine futures, the project asks if subverting archival materials and altering data of the past could interrupt the looping of times, and instead contribute to building futures that are not repetitions of unjust histories. Further reflecting upon strategic media productions of fear, often connected to a vision of an uncertain or violent future, how can we as producers of images and screen materials respond: Mediating Uncertainties suggests we need to tackle these questions by requiring approaches and strategies that operate beyond a conception of simply producing an alternate narrative or making a counter move, and rather “mediate” a multiplicity of narratives, connections, modes and techniques in order to reassess how memories and histories are being produced. In attempting this, the project also aims to explore the apparatuses of circulation we use, and the possibilities of developing other channels of distribution.

Mediating Uncertainties. Oslo, Norway

  • Video vignette by David Tobias Bonde Jensen
  • Content editing by Chloe Elgie
  • Website by Parabol Studio

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