Public screen intervention, in and around Oslo Central Station. June 11–17, 2018.

The Feedback Loop. Text


Public screen intervention, in and around Oslo Central Station. June 11–17, 2018.

The video work The Feedback Loop was an intervention into a number of commercial screens in and around Oslo Central Station. Interrupting the running imagery, a series of short vignettes using appropriated material from the Norwegian- German film Symphonie des Nordens (Julius Sandmeier, 1938) was montaged with material shot on site at the Central Station. Considering that The Feedback Loop was a site specific project, the remaining piece is today a 16mm film documenting the intervention; reflecting upon the screens, its’ environment and the passersby passively resisting to be captured by the moving images surrounding them. A document of the ecology consisting of the material on the screens, the screens themselves, and the humans.

The Feedback Loop was the first iteration of a project running throughout 2018 with Munchmuseet on the Move. The project had three different instalments: The public screen intervention, a screening and conversation series programmed by the artist, and a solo exhibition with guests. The Feedback Loop aimed to explore how moving images, screens and screen technologies take part in the production of our memories, using ideological material from 1920- and 30s cinema and political history as a starting point.

Eliassen´s work explores how our contemporary condition is determined by our existence within the sensible regime, a system made up of visibilities and signs that get interwoven through the mass media, cultural production, and interpersonal communication.

Irmgard Emmelhainz – Aestethic Materialism under Absolute Capitalisms

Film documentation by the artist. 16mm / 5 min / 2018

The Feedback loop: 3 video vignettes. Courtesy of the artist.

The Feedback Loop: Fragmented. 16mm film / video works / photographs. Solo exhibition with invited guests, Munchmuseet i Bevegelse – Kunsthall Oslo, 2018. The exhibition includes contributions by artists Lynn Hershman and Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, as well as the film Finding, made in collaboration with Leslie Thornton.

The Feedback Loop: Fragmented was a multiscreen & media installation, consisting of 16mm films, video works and photographs – a three dimensional mindmap of moving and still images, spread out as a collage in space; works and references co-existing in a non hierarchical system. This was the concluding chapter of The Feedback Loop, and aimed to further reflect upon the fragmented subject in a screen-saturated existence, as well as exploring strategies of resistance employed by artists working in film and video working to challenge established truths and narrative formats surrounding us.