Mediating Uncertainties: live essay film. Text


Performance lecture for BEK’s symposium: The Only Lasting Truth is Change.

The Only Lasting Truth is Change investigates future configurations of art, technology, nature and power, With contributions from: Anna L. Tsing, Mark Fell & Robin Mackay, Jackie Karuti, Signe Lidén, Geir Tore Holm, Hanan Benammar, Sara Eliassen, Lars Holdhus, Tenthaus, Rian Treanor and others.

This long form symposium employs the lenses of Digitalisation, Time, and Justice to examine the potentiality of art practice in an ever-changing world. Together with artists and scholars, “The Only Lasting Truth is Change” will ask what an artwork can be and what an artwork can do in a world that cannot and should not return to «normal» post-pandemic; that is plagued by climate crisis and social injustice; and is wrestling with the yet unknown challenges of biopolitics and surveillance. How can rapid digitalisation avoid a growing distance towards physical encounters and embodied experience? Can new data technologies be more equitable and culturally attuned? How can art practice change its perspectives of time, sharing, and co-inhabiting? What new communities, infrastructures and economic mechanisms can be envisioned from a position of solidarity and care?

“Eliassen presents a hybrid live essay film consisting of a montage of various mediated events, archive materials and strands of research. She examines how image and screen culture can be used to question and to counter dominant versions of mediated histories and digitised data predicting our futures. How can we mediate uncertainties in an era dominated by a post-truth discourse, or maybe instead, in an era of the production of doubt?”